East Hill Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

  • EHE Families

    Below are the Executive Officers of the Board for the East Hill Elementary PTA 2022 -2023 school year:

    • Kelly Whitson (President) - She has 2 kids attending EHE
    • Queen Carter (Vice President) - She has 2 kids attending EHE
    • Ana Laura Cisneros Dominguez (Secretary) - She has 1 kid attending EHE
    • Annie (Anna) Garcia (Treasurer) - She has 1 child attending EHE

    You are invited also to become a member of the EHE (East Hill Elementary) PTA (Parent Teacher Association). Your membership will help it to be a strong association. Your membership does not mean you have to volunteer. However, it allows you to get to know amazing parents/guardians of EHE families and gain some new friendships if you want to volunteer. Otherwise just by being a member you are supporting East Hill Elementary's PTA community. Your membership will make a difference for EHE. It is $12.00 for the year. 

    East Hill PTA Membership

    Contact information: 

    (256) 589-3597

    PO Box 5576 Kent, WA 98064



    -Your PTA Team

Last Modified on November 22, 2022