Virtual School Planning

  • laptop icon with grad hatNew Online School Opening for Grades 6-12 in Fall 2022

    Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, Kent School District (KSD) will offer a new, sustainable online school that expands our existing non-traditional choice school and programming options for students in grades 6-12. This new learning experience will be different than the remote and hybrid learning models previously offered and long withstand the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Designing for Student Experience & Success 

    At Kent Virtual Academy (yet to be named), we envision students as the drivers of their learning experience and have designed this program around them. We will also partner with families, connecting them with school and community-based resources to support student success together. Explore our school model to learn more about our decidedly flexible option.

    At this point, our school model is iterative based on community input and feedback. We are actively engaging with numerous stakeholder groups in a variety of ways. The design may evolve as we reflect the ideas of our students, families, staff, labor partners, and the larger KSD community.  

    All Learners Are Welcome

    The school will offer built-in supports and cross-enrollment opportunities to ensure all learners can thrive in our new online environment. Principal Lear invites you to explore what Kent Virtual Academy has to offer your family.

    To learn more, please explore our school model, review answers to frequently asked questions, attend a virtual drop-in session, and sign up for our email list to receive information in your inbox. If you’re ready to join our growing community, please enroll online today.

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Student Experience

  • Initially Serving Grades 6-12 The new virtual school will open to students in grades 6-12 for the 2022-2023 school year. Additional grade levels may be added in future years.
  • Virtual Instruction from KSD Educators Students will receive live virtual instruction from Kent School District teachers, watch recorded video lessons, engage with self-paced curriculum, and work independently on assignments.
  • Take 2-4 Courses in Each 9-Week Cycle Students will complete 2-4 classes in each nine-week cycle. Four cycles will be offered each year, enabling students to earn up to 8 credits annually towards graduation (2 more than a traditional school)
  • Complete Course Offerings Students engage in core subject and Career & Technical Education (CTE) classes, with cross-enrollment options available based on need.
  • Weekly Mentoring All students will have an assigned mentor teacher and participate in weekly sessions to nurture their growth, success, and connection in the virtual enviroment.
  • On-Demand Support Our dedicated teachers, counselor, and staff will offer support which may be online and/or in person on school days for select hours between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m .

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A decidedly Flexible Option


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