keynote day 1

August 16, 2021 8:30-9:30 am


August 16th, 9:45-10:45

  • Keynote Follow-Up

  • Promoting Positive Mental Health Through Class-Based Instructional Practices

  • Using Reflective Practice to Enhance Instruction

  • Second Step – SEL Curriculum 101: Primary Grades Session 1 of 2

  • Using PowerPoint Record to Create Intentional Lessons

  • Using Microsoft Learning Tools to Improve Access for Students

  • Engaging Students with the Support Technology to Become Readers

  • Big "I" Instruction: Actively Learn Instructors Panel

  • Bridging the Gap in Physical Education

  • WIDA: A Snapshot into Supporting Our Multilingual Students

  • Leading for a Culture of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

  • The Knowledge Gap: What It Is and How to Narrow It

August 16th 11:00-12:00

  • Supporting LGBTQIAS+Youth

  • Supporting our BIPOC Students and Staff

  • Second Step- SEL Curriculum 101 Intermediate Grades Session 1 of 2

  • Using Reflective Practice to Enhance Instruction

  • ELL Strategies for the Classroom

  • Introduction to Minecraft Education Edition

  • 5 Innovative Ways to Use Flipgrid

  • Using PowerPoint Record to Create Intentional Lessons

  • The Pyramid of Hate: The Danger of Where Hatred Can Lead, Unchecked

  • Promoting Positive Mental Health through Class-Based Instructional Practices

August 16th 9:45-12:00

  • One Note Breakout/Escape Room

  • Learning That Transfers: Designing Curriculum for a Changing World

  • Shifting Literacy: Using the Science of Reading to Accelerate Student Learning

  • Desmos for Beginners

  • The Reality of Race (1 of 3 Part Series)

  • Mathematical Identity: A Strengths-Based Approach to Disrupting Negative Mathematical Narratives

  • Creating a Culture of Hope and Belonging

  • Disrupting Inequitable Outcomes by Focusing Improvement Efforts on Our Neediest Students Using an Asset Lens

  • Ready Classroom Math: Sequencing Student Ideas to Deepen Mathematical Reasoning

  • Finding Yourself in the New Work Culture