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  • 2020-2021 Updates & Information

    As hopefully everyone knows by now, Kentlake will be opening in a remote learning environment as a result of the high number of COVID-19 cases in our region. This is grounded in the guidance from our State Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the Department of Health.

    Kent has put together a 2020-2021 Back to School Reopening Plan. The details of this plan continue to be bargained with labor partners and are subject to change as directives from governing authorities, health officials, or public health conditions change. We will regularly update the Information & Updates page as our plans continue to take shape. We encourage you to keep checking back for the latest information.

    It is important that we begin pushing out communication to our community on the details of what the start of school will look like. I know that you have plenty of questions, and here is what I know right now.

    When do we start?

    The first day of school will be Thursday, September 3. Classes will start virtually at 8:30 a.m. Teachers will send out links to virtual class in three different ways including:

    • School email
    • Microsoft TEAMs calendar
    • Posted in students Canvas classes

    It is important for students to monitor their calendars for these links so they can be to school on time for their first class!

    What does my student need to do to be ready for the first day of school?

    It is important that your student knows how to access important platforms for the first day of school. First, they need to find the MS Teams icon as their virtual classes will be conducted using this program. You can search for TEAMs using the search bar in the lower left-hand side of their computer screen. You are looking for a purple icon with a “T."

    Students should also locate Canvas on their computers as well. From any page on the Kentlake website, click on “Teaching & Learning” and scroll down to "Frequently Used Links." You can click on Canvas to enter our learning platform.

    How do I get help with technology?

    To help ensure students can fully engage in remote or online learning, the Kent School District will continue to provide laptops for all K-12 students. Free WiFi hotspots are also available for some students, so they have the tools needed to learn from a distance.

    During the school year, students and families will have access to in-person support for technology, by appointment, in alignment with safety and social distancing protocols. From any page of the Kentlkae website, click on "Families" and scroll down to "Technology" to access technology resources and information. 

    What will the student day look like?

    Students will attend classes from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. virtually. In the afternoon, students will complete tasks, prepare for upcoming learning, and do their homework. Teachers will be available in the afternoon for additional assistance if students have questions or need support.

    View the Kentlake remote learning schedule.

    How will students be graded?

    Students will be issued grades this year for their performance in class on a variety of different assessments, class activities, and homework. These grades represent student performance on the standards of learning for the class. Parents can log in and monitor their student progress using Skyward.

    If you need assistance logging into Skyward, please contact

    How will teachers take attendance?

    Teachers will take student attendance on a daily basis outlining student engagement in school. Parents can monitor their student’s attendance by logging into Skyward. It is important that students engage in the learning every day.

    Who is my counselor?

    Counselors are back to work serving students and are getting back to parents and students who emailed them over the summer. They are also busy balancing classes and making sure that all our students are signed up for the correct classes. Counselor caseloads are based on the student’s last name.

    What is my schedule?

    Student schedules will be available right before school starts. Students can log into Skyward and pull up their schedule.

    If you need assistance logging into Skyward, please contact

    Can my student change their schedule?

    We will only make schedule corrections if a student meets the criteria outlined below:

    • The schedule is incomplete.
    • A student is missing a graduation requirement.
    • A student is missing a pre-requisite course for a class on their schedule.
    • There is a running start conflict.

    Students who meet one of these criteria will need to fill out a Kentlake Schedule Change Request Form that is submitted to their administrator for approval. We will only approve corrections that meet the criteria above.

    Please note, some students have reached out asking to change classes because they don’t feel ready for the next class in a progression based on the learning that took place last spring. All students are in this same place and teachers will be accounting for this. We will not change classes for this concern.

    Student Support Resources

    We know the last few months have been very traumatic for families. There are support services available if needed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you or a member of your family is in need of support.


    From any page of the Kentlkae website, click on "Families" and scroll down to "Nutrition" to access meal resources and information.

    Each year students and families (re)apply for free and reduced-price meals. Even if you have not qualified in previous years, you may qualify now.

    Freshman Orientation

    I have received several questions about orientation supports for our incoming freshmen and new students. Please monitor our social media for a variety of different welcoming videos as well as a TEAMs Live Question and Answer Orientation opportunity. There will be more information coming out soon!

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