Principal Savage

  • Welcome to Carriage Crest Elementary School! 

    We are excited to come together as a learning community for the 2023-24 school year.  All Carriage Crest staff are eager to return to the building for another great year full of opportunities for all students to build strong relationships with peers and staff, focus on learning and personal growth, foster a love of life-long learning, and contribute to our community in positive way.

    At Carriage Crest Elementary, we follow the following the 4B’s. These four seemingly simple expectations create a solid foundation for a safe, proactive, and positive learning environment for ALL members of our community.

    Be Safe: We strive to ensure that ALL members of our community feel both physically and emotionally safe which assists with learning readiness. When all students, staff, and families follow district and school guidelines and procedures it helps create a safe space for learning to happen!

    Be a Learner: We are all learning every day! Learning is rewarding but it is also HARD WORK. By embracing a growth mindset and having a ‘ready to learn’ attitude every day, we can set ALL students up for success. Regular and on-time school attendance is a critical part of being a learner.

    Be Respectful: Treating everyone with respect is a big part of building positive and healthy relationships. At Carriage Crest, we honor and celebrate our differences as well as things we have in common. We spend time learning about each other, creating a sense of family in our classrooms, and establish norms to ensure respect for ALL.

    Be Responsible: Being responsible is a life-long skill and it shows up in every aspect of daily life.  We encourage and support ALL students to be responsible for themselves and their learning in classrooms, at recess, in the hallways, and in the lunchroom. Responsibility creates ownership which boosts engagement for our students.

    I look forward to the upcoming school year with a wonderful group of staff and students on our shared learning and growing journey.  TOGETHER, we will make a difference, positively impact others, and celebrate the rewards of learning. See you all soon!

    I do believe… It’s a great year to be a Carriage Crest Coyote!

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Last Modified on August 15, 2023