Principal Radford

  • Moving from Winter to Spring!

    As we move from winter into spring, I am reminded about the many things I hope and dream for our students this year.

    I hope and dream that all our freshmen will settle into high school, earn all their credits and stay on track for graduation. I hope and dream that our sophomores are successful on the state tests for Math and ELA and gain confidence for their junior year. I hope and dream that all our juniors finish the year with a plan to graduate and explore their post-secondary options. I hope and dream that all our seniors will have post-secondary and financial aid options when they graduate.

    What hopes and dreams do you have for our students or community? Feel free to drop me a line; I always appreciate hearing from our students, parents, and community.

    We want to prepare our students to successfully take on the responsibilities of college, career, family, and citizenship and provide a safe, inclusive, high-quality education that prepares students for college and career success. We partner with you to help make this happen.

    I want to thank our students, families, and staff for their help in getting the school year off to a great start. As we wrap up the first months of school and students and staff settle into the routines of the year, I look forward to the many wonderful events happening this Fall and early Winter.

    I cannot emphasize enough the importance of positive daily attendance in helping our students succeed in school. KM has many supports for students, and we cannot help our students if they are not at school. Please limit the number of days your student misses class if the absences aren’t essential.

    Please continue to be involved in your student’s academic life and join us at our various events here at KM. We are a community high school and we are open to having parents volunteer or come up to eat lunch with your student. We are a better place because of your participation and support!

    Please refer to the KM website for updated information and like and follow us on Facebook. I look forward to continuing our work with students and families. Please reach out if you need help or support with your student.

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Last Modified on January 24, 2020