Principal Stallard

  • Going Strong

    Our Cedar Valley Scholars started the year by learning about schoolwide and classroom expectations, as well as reviewing some learning from last year. Beginning of the year assessments have been completed, and our amazing staff is using that information to plan instruction that meets the scholars’ needs within the regular classroom and our WIN (What I Need) intervention program.

     A major academic focus for this year is identifying details and evidence when reading, as well as using details and providing evidence when writing. So, families can reinforce this at home by discussing what the kids are reading during their 20 minutes of home reading each night!

    Student Leadership

    We are pleased to announce the results of the ASB election. Our ASB has already begun leadership activities at school, including hosting McTeacher Night, and participating in the morning announcements on a daily basis. ASB will continue with service leadership projects throughout the year. Our officers are:

    • President: Nakari Sydner
    • Vice President: Kenndey Sirrine
    • Secretary: Evelyn Chavez-Brambila
    • Treasurer: Melissa Chapparo

    Cheetah Code

    At Cedar Valley, all staff and scholars follow the Cheetah Code.

    • Act Safely
    • Be Responsible
    • Choose Kindness
    • Do Your Best

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