Principal Erdly

  • Learn, Lead & Succeed Every Day…TOGETHER!

    Horizon Elementary has the perfect name. We are all about successfully navigating towards new Horizons, and we realize that it is our proactive responses during our journeys that make our destinations achievable.

    We are now living through an unprecedented time in our lives. Every aspect of how we engage with one another has been turned on its side. We know that our actions can have huge implications on how we can ensure the safety of ourselves and others. As a world community, we are all embarking on new terrain leading to a pandemic free Horizon.

    Although there are many unknowns as we traverse this new frontier, we can also rest assured that we can and will navigate successfully to a safe resolution to this pandemic.

    • We will be successful because we are doing this together. Our comradery will ensure a safe navigation as we learn new ways to communicate and keep one another safe.
    • We will learn our journey with confidence, resilience, and commitment to beat the pandemic.
    • We will succeed in overcoming the significant challenges we are all facing because we are doing so together while remaining safely apart.


    Learning is at the heart of what we do at Horizon and continues to be so during the pandemic. We also recognize that these are not normal times. As such, some aspects of the normalcy we are accustomed to are not tangible currently. However, we still believe every child is capable of making great strides in his or her academics, but the what, when, where, and how are very different. Building connections, forging positive relationships, and instilling hope are all top priorities for us to create the classroom cultures essential to helping students succeed.

    Therefore, we have prioritized social-emotional learning as our top priority to forge the foundation essential for our young stakeholders to grow and flourish. This helps them feel safe and in control of the positive contributions they can make as a leader in their own learning.

    Our staff is also continuing to develop and implement novel and intriguing ways to ensure access and engagement for each learner. And you, our amazing Horizon community, provide us the feedback and partnership essential to develop the best practices to provide access, quality instruction, and necessary supports so students have the resources, confidence, and resilience to persevere.


    Horizon students know what it means to lead. They recognize that their perseverance and determination lead to successful outcomes. As a newly designated Leader In Me school, we are committed to developing the confidence, resilience, determination, and leadership that students need to own their successes. Goal setting is integral to leading one to success, so all students are empowered to see themselves as leaders in achieving the goals that will ensure future successes.

    We recognize the heightened necessity for students to feel confident and motivated to succeed during the uncertainty and distress that surrounds us throughout the pandemic. Therefore, our emphasis on social-emotional learning also bolsters their capacity to LEAD by becoming more self-directed, confident, and able to put forward a growth mindset while attending school in a remote learning environment.


    Horizon Elementary School is destined to succeed. Knowing that remote learning is our framework for instruction through the rest of our first semester, we are fully invested in the model and are leveraging our experiences along with sound research-based best practices to make school a safe and fun place to learn and succeed.

    Collaborating as a school community is the key to ensuring we have the best tool kits available to reach each of our amazing Hawks. I am very proud of our staff and you, our supportive stakeholders, as we partner during and outside the school days to provide the essential supports that will ensure our Horizon Hawks learn, lead, and succeed every day…together!

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Last Modified on October 23, 2020