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  • Parent Involvement

    As the principal at Crestwood Elementary, I am proud to say that our school parent community has a high level of involvement in the school. I have seen an incredibly supportive Parent Teacher Association (PTA), level of volunteering, and families eager to communicate with our faculty and staff.

    I want to acknowledge that high involvement and highlight some positive ways to keep it moving forward.

    Parent Communication

    At Crestwood, we value communicating regularly with families. In addition to student conferences, it is important to communicate regularly with your student’s teacher(s) about their learning.

    Asking teachers specific questions about what standards students are learning, a student’s progress on those standards, and how students are demonstrating their knowledge are all great questions to ask.

    Making a plan with the teacher about how to study at home or what subject areas to practice at home are other great ways to keep up effective communication.

    Parent Volunteering

    When I see family members on campus volunteering in classrooms it makes me glad. Each time this happens family members are sending an important message to students- that school is important and worth our time and energy. Thank you for your help!

    I encourage all families to talk with their student’s teacher, or the school office, about ways that they can help on campus. This can include helping in the classroom, at lunch, at recess, or in other ways too.

    Parent Support

    Parents at Crestwood show their support in many ways. One big way is the collective work of the Crestwood Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The many learning activities, fun events, and extracurricular programs that the Crestwood PTA supports and runs make for an enjoyable whole school experience.

    All families are welcome to join the PTA at any time in the year and help. This is also a great way to connect with other families and continue building our strong community.

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Last Modified on November 4, 2019