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  • Welcome to Meeker’s Counseling Corner!

    Students learn best when they feel good about themselves and their relationships with others.

    Our school counselors, Mrs. White, Ms. Taferre, and Ms. Shafi support Meeker students with academic, college, and social-emotional skills.

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    Please call (253) 373-7284 or contact your counselor to make an appointment.

Tips for Academic Success

  • Be organized.

    Use the teacher websites, keep a planner, and keep your assignments in a folder or notebook.

    Come to school and be on time.

    Attendance matters. It is difficult for students to keep up with their current assignments if they also have missing assignments. 

    If a student is absent or tardy to school, the parent or guardian should excuse the absence.

    Do your homework.

    Homework matters in middle school and will make a difference in your grade. Check Canvas.

    Develop good study habits.

    The amount of homework you have will continue to increase throughout middle and high school. Learn to use your time wisely and develop strong study skills in middle school so you are already prepared for the workload in high school.

    Participate in class.

    Teachers want you to be involved and enjoy hearing your feedback. Share your thoughts!

    Choose your friends wisely.

    Your peers make a large impact on your life, especially in middle school.

    Be a leader.

    Take responsibility for your actions!

    Have fun!

    Learning can be fun! Enjoy every moment here at Meeker.

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Last Modified on January 30, 2024