Counseling Office

  • Meet Our Counseling Team

    The Kentwood Counseling team supports students in developing the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to achieve their future college and career goals.

    Our office offers a wide variety of services. We:

    • Ensure all students have a full schedule.  
    • Communicate information about district and state educational programs including Kent Academy, iGrad, Job Corps, and Running Start.
    • Complete school reports and counseling paperwork for college applications.
    • Share registration information and support students in choosing courses needed for graduation and that meet the needs of future career goals.
    • Support students in the development of individual High School and Beyond Plans.
    • Oversee 504 plans.
    • Monitor students’ progress towards graduation.
    • Monitor state graduation requirements and changes made by state legislature and help students find a pathway to graduation based on state administrative codes.
    • Support students in developing a High School Course plan that supports students in achieving future college and career goals.

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Last Modified on November 8, 2023