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    Congratulations to 2017's winners: Ridgewood Elementary!

    2017 BoTB winners Description:

    The "Battle of the Books" is a reading incentive program in elementary, middle school, and high schools across the country. Students are introduced to selected books by librarians and teachers and then begin to read. In Kent, books chosen to read are from the current year's Sasquatch Award nominated book lists, ensuring students are reading quality literature.

    Students in grades 4-6 comprise the elementary teams, as the reading level of books ranges from third grade through eighth. Teams are created within individual classrooms so that students can meet, touch base, and discuss the books other team members have read. Teams are encouraged to read as many of the selected books as possible. The teams then answer questions, competing to see which team best recalls information from the books.

    At participating schools, grade level teams compete in a preliminary competition against other teams from the same grade level. A winning team represents their grade level at the school's final round of questioning. Winning school teams vie for the title of District Champion in a June tournament.

    Last year winning teams from KSD elementary schools met to determine the elementary level "literary victors" at the KSD  "Battle of the Books" finals. Congratulations to all the participants and to the winning team from Ridgewood. This year elementary schools in the Kent School District are once again taking part in this reading competition and will send a team to the finals! Kent's Middle Schools hosted their own competitions and will do so again this year.

    Sample questions from 2003's "Battle of the Books" (elementary)


    Elementary Program Winners:

    2002 - Grass Lake - (3 schools participating)
    2003 - Meridian (10 schools participating)
    2004 - Emerald Park (19 schools participating)
    2005 - Sawyer Woods (25 schools partiicpating)
    2006 - Emerald Park (28 schools participating)
    2007 - Lake Youngs (28 schools participating)
    2008 - Ridgewood (28 schools participating)
    2009 - Soos Creek (28 schools participating)
    2010 - Glenridge (27 schools participating)
    2011 - Grass Lake (20 schools participating)
    2012 - Grass Lake (24 schools participating)
    2013 - Ridgewood (24 schools participating)
    2014 - Horizon (24 schools participating)
    2015 - Grass Lake (28 schools participating)
    2016 - Covington  (29 schools participating)
    2017 - Ridgewood (28 schools participating)
    For further information contact:
    Mimi Vosper - Grass Lake Elementary
    Sarah Stoddard - Tech Integration Dept.


    2017-18 Elementary School Book List

    Bookmark (with AR levels) to print and use!

      Awkward - Chmakova
    Book Scavenger -
    Fish in a Tree -
    Masterminds -
    Shadows of Sherwood -
    Stella by Starlight -
    The Blackthorn Key - Sands
    The Honest Truth -
    The Terrible Two - Barnett
    The War that Saved My Life - Brubaker Bradley
    The Way Home Looks Now - Shang
    Took - Hahn
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