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Proposed 2016 Bond Fund Reallocation

Proposed 2016 Bond Fund Reallocation

In keeping with the board’s goal of creating effective organizational systems, and the superintendent’s goal to provide equitable, safe, healthy, and high-quality learning environments, the KSD Capital Planning team has determined a time sensitive need for strategic property purchases in support of essential student programs within the district.  

The Outreach Program, Kent Virtual Academy, and iGrad each have an immediate need for new and/or additional space within the district.  The future site of our new middle school, Canyon Ridge, which opens fall 2023, is the current location of five classrooms for The Outreach Program, and Kent Virtual Academy in its entirety, therefore, these learning and staff environments as currently utilized will no longer be available in the 2023-24 school year.  Additionally, iGrad resides within a leased, shopping center location at approximately $250,000 per year.   

Each of these programs are critical for student success and require additional learning space to accommodate for their growth, and specific to iGrad, provision of a safe and equitable location on KSD owned property.

Funding of these vital property purchases can be achieved by reallocation of specific project funds from the 2016 Bond as outlined below.  The new projects would be incorporated into the Capital Levy and completed on the current timeline using those funds.

2016 Bond Projects/Funds Proposed for Reallocation to Capital Levy 



Reallocated Budgeted Funds

Meridian Middle 

Grass Field Renovation

$ 1,704,691

Maintenance Building

Fire Alarm

$ 151,023

Maintenance Building 

Sprinkler System

$ 181,084

Lake Youngs

Main Building Roof Replacement

$ 1,190,834


DDC Controls (Heating & Lighting)

$ 1,071,423

Carriage Crest

Parking lot

$ 452,708

Meadow Ridge

Flooring (Classrooms & Hallways)

$ 850,000



$ 5,601,763.00

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors of Kent School District No. 415 will meet for the purpose of adoption of the proposed 2016 Bond Fund Reallocation, Resolution No. 1639, on March 29, 2023, during a special board meeting at 5:30 p.m.  A public hearing for this matter was previously held during a regularly scheduled board meeting on March 22, 2023.  Additional opportunity for public comment will be available prior to board action at the March 29, 2023 special meeting beginning at 5:30 p.m.  This special meeting of the Kent School District Board of Directors will be held in person at 12033 SE 256th Street, Kent WA 98030 in the boardroom and will be live streamed for the public via our YouTube channel on the internet.  

Public comments regarding the proposed 2016 Bond Fund Reallocation, Resolution No. 1639, will be accepted via the following processes:
1. ONLINE Public Comment Form
If you are unable to attend the in-person special board meeting on March 29, 2023 to make your public comment to the board, you may complete this online form. This form is open as of midnight the Friday prior to the meeting and closes at 6:30 p.m. the day prior to the meeting. You may submit one comment, no more than 450 words. Your comment will be read for you by the Executive Assistant to the Board during the public hearing portion of the meeting.
2. IN-PERSON Public Comment Form:
To make your public comment to the board in-person at the special board meeting on March 29, 2023, comment cards will be available for completion prior to the meeting and must be turned in no later than the beginning of discussion for the proposed 2016 Bond Fund Reallocation, Resolution No. 1639.

Please visit  for more information.  This information is filed at the Office of the District Superintendent from whom any person may obtain a copy upon request.

Israel Vela
Secretary to the Board of Directors