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Student Transfer Process for the 2017-2018 School Year

The District will accept transfer applications April 3-28.
Students are expected to attend their boundary school. However, the District will accept transfer requests to another school if one or more of the following conditions exist: 
  • The student’s siblings are currently attending the requested school. 
  • The student receives childcare from a provider in the requested school’s service area that does not transport to the student’s boundary school (elementary only). 
  • The student has completed at least the ninth-grade year and wishes to remain at that school until graduation. 
  • The student wants to enroll in a unique curricular program (e.g., ROTC or International Baccalaureate) that is not available in the student’s boundary school, but is available in another school in the district, and that program is necessary to the student’s educational progress. 
  • The student has at least one parent who works for the district.  
  • The student’s educational, safety, or health condition would be or is being severely impacted at their boundary school and the transfer would improve the identified condition. 
Students who live outside of the Kent School District may also apply for a transfer to KSD schools based on the above criteria. Non-resident families, in addition to the transfer request process above, must also receive a release from the district where they reside to be considered for placement in the Kent School District. Non-resident students must apply and receive a release every year per state law. This release can be obtained from the administration office in the home school district.
Transfer requests meeting the above qualifications will be considered and placement granted if there is room in the school, class, and/or program being requested. Parents/guardians who request a transfer are responsible for transporting their child to the requested school. When a transfer is granted, it is considered provisional and may be revoked if unexpected students who live in the boundary area cause a school, class, or program to be in an overload situation.
A request for change in student assignment will not be approved for athletic or co-curricular activity reasons.  As per WIAA regulations, students transferring from one high school to another within the Kent School District, without a corresponding change in home residence with natural parents or legal guardians, will be deemed ineligible for a one-year period at the varsity level of sports.
Parents/guardians of incoming kindergarten students, in addition to completing a transfer request using the process above, must also enroll the child in their boundary school. If the transfer is granted, the registration paperwork will be sent to the requested school. 
Transfer requests outside of the two transfer windows are only available to students who qualify for a childcare waiver or change of address. Parents may apply for a childcare waiver transfer during the school year to accommodate childcare needs and based on space availability, and it must be renewed annually during the annual open transfer request window. Students with a change of address are allowed to stay in the current school for the duration of the school year based on space availability and good attendance. To stay the next year, parents must apply during the annual open transfer request window.
If you have any questions, please call Student and Family Support Services at 253-373-7235.

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