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    IB Parent Night

    International Baccalaureate(IB) Parent Information Night will be held on February 5th in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). 7:00 - 8:30 PM. During this night, you will get an opportunity to meet the teachers who teach in this prestigious programme, learn about the programme components, its benefits, perception of the IB Programme, and IB expectations around homework and workload. You will also get an opportunity to meet with the IB Diploma Candidates, and learn how to support your IB student.

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  •  Senior Gear

    Senior Gear Sale

    Hey Class of 2015: Just wanted to let you know that we are selling Senior Gear again. The hoodies, crewnecks, and t-shirts will be on sale from now until February 13.

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  •  HS

    Beyond High School

    Beyond High School event will be held at Kentwood HS on Wednesday, February 4th, 6-8:30pm. Everyone is welcome to begin planning their education beyond high school at this free event.

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District News



    1.The attendance office will gladly accept parent notes or phone calls to excuse student absences. The attendance office cannot accept other notes including doctor notes unless signed by the parent.

    2. If your student has an appointment and needs to leave early, please send a note with them in the morning. Be sure to indicate time of release. Students can fill out an attendance slip upon arrival and be released from class at the time indicated on the slip.

    3. Parents or legal guardians may call to excuse a student from school but they must still check out in attendance before leaving. The attendance office does not contact the student for release.

    4. The alternative to the above is to come into the attendance office to check your student out. Please bring identification.

    5. Students will not be excused if they do not check out in the attendance office before leaving campus. For safety reasons, we need to be able to account for students at all times. Thank you for helping us with this important duty. If a student should become ill during the school day, please have them check out through the health room. They can get parent permission to leave from there.

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    Periods 1,2,**3, 4, 5, 6
    **Lunch will always be during 3rd period.
    Warning Bell 9:30 am

    1st – 9:35 – 10:10 am
    2nd 10:15 – 10:53 am
    LUNCHES 3rd Period (10:53-12:23)
    Lunch 1 – 10:53-11:23 – class 11:28-12:23
    Lunch 2 – 11:23-11:53 – class 10:58-11:23 & 11:58-12:23
    Lunch 3 – 11:53-12:23 – Class 10:58-11:53
    4th – 12:28 -1:00pm
    5th – 1:05 – 1:35pm
    6th – 1:40-2:10pm
    Late Start Wednesdays for 2014-2015
    • 9/10/2014
    • 10/1/2014
    • 12/3/2014
    • 1/14/2015
    • 2/4/2015
    • 3/4/2015
    • 4/22/2015
    • 5/13/15
    • 6/3/15

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  • New Vision and Mission Statement
    Vision Statement: KM students are prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully take on the responsibilities of college, career, family, and citizenship in a diverse and increasingly competitive global society

    Mission Statement: KM staff provides a safe, inclusive, high-quality education that prepares students for college and career success and encourages them to become active life-long learners and responsible members of the community.


    1. Valuing the Belief in Potential: All students can be successful and reach their potential when held to high standards. KM meets students where they are, supports them, and engages them in rigorous content and active and challenging learning tasks.
    2. Valuing Character: Integrity, hard work, and citizenship are important ways to function and contribute to our community. KM promotes a can-do attitude and resilience among our students because we know this allows individuals to overcome setbacks and challenges.
    3. Valuing Inclusion: Each student matters. KM takes pride in our rich diversity and provides a safe and nurturing environment where all students are accepted and valued. Respecting and celebrating diversity allows us to create a better and more peaceful world.

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  • National Merit Scholar The National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) has announced Kent-Meridian High School Senior Kate Khazoyan as one of two Kent School District winners for its corporate-sponsored scholarships. Kate received a Boeing-sponsored National Merit Scholarship.
    “Growing up with two parents who work in engineering and math was very encouraging to me as I discovered my interest in biomedical engineering,” said Khazoyan. “I am appreciative that my dad's employer, the Boeing Company, has chosen to recognize my achievements and award me with a scholarship that will contribute to my education as an engineer.”
    “Only students with the strongest combination of academic skills and achievements, extracurricular accomplishments, and potential for success in rigorous university studies achieve this special honor. On behalf of the School Board, I extend our sincere congratulations to these young women,” said Superintendent Dr. Edward Lee Vargas.
    Most awards are renewable for up to four years of college undergraduate study and provide annual stipends that range from $500 to $10,000 per year. Some provide a single payment between $2,500 and $5,000. Recipients can use their awards at any regionally accredited U.S. college or university of their choice.
    NMSC will announce winners of college-sponsored and $2500 National Merit scholarships later in May.
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