From Your Superintendent

Welcome to Kent School District (KSD) where our mission is to successfully prepare all students for their future. Thank you for visiting the district’s website; I hope you find the information helpful and informative.
The Kent School District has a deep and rich history. What started as a school district in a largely agricultural community is now the fourth-largest district in Washington State with nearly 28,000 students. One of the nation’s largest industrial centers is in our service area, and KSD is the second-largest employer in the community, after Boeing, with more than 3,000 people on the payroll. Kent School District is Dr. Vargas and students. also the most diverse district in the state according to the 2010 census. More than 130 languages are spoken by our students and their families – from Spanish to African dialects. Which gives our kids a tremendous opportunity to be educated in tomorrow’s world today!
KSD is one of the most technologically advanced districts in the nation. We have been recognized nationally and internationally for our efforts to bring technology into the classroom and into the hands of students and staff. For example, Microsoft has designated the Kent School District as an International Technology Best Practices Visitation Site. As a result of this designation, the Prime Minister of India and his cabinet members visited Kent-Meridian High School to learn about the cutting-edge technology used in our classrooms.  Also, 23 superintendents and Chief Technology Officers from the Netherlands visited the District to learn about our One-to-One laptop program. KSD also provides decommissioned computers to families in the community that cannot afford a computer due to limited finances. Before the families receive the computers, KSD students refurbish the machines, provide training, and also organize their distribution.
The greatest strength in the Kent School District is our people who come to work every day committed to helping each and every student achieve success. That is our top priority. We want our children prepared to live and work in this community, or anywhere in the world and make positive contributions. Teachers, principals, and schools are under increasing pressure to do more with less time and resources. To help maximize effectivenessDr. Vargas congratulates KM graduate. , the district’s administration staff reorganized in 2010 to provide more direct support to schools. KSD has also implemented new teaching programs to help students focus on academic areas where they struggle, and has programs to help high school students who need to retrieve credits in order to graduate. These efforts are starting to bear fruit. We are noting improvements across the district as the number of students graduating on time increases and the percentage of dropouts declines. Two of our schools received the Washington Achievement Award for making improvements in helping students succeed.                                                             
Kent School District is also fortunate to have a strong base of support from the community and parents. Many individuals, businesses, faith-based groups, and civic organizations devote time, talent, and other resources to help Kent School District students receive an excellent education. We also partner with higher education institutions including Heritage University and University of Washington to provide educational opportunities for staff and students. Without this support, delivering a quality education to our students and successfully preparing them for the future would be much more difficult.
Thank you for letting me share a few of the wonderful things that take place daily in our district. This is truly a great place with wonderful students, a dedicated staff, and supportive community. In KSD, we’re committed to success for every child, every day, no matter what.    

Lee Vargas  
Dr. Edward Lee Vargas