ATTENTION!!!  The open transfer window for the 2015-2016 school year will be FEBRUARY 2-FEBRUARY 27, 2015.  The Administration Office doors will be open  7:30 am-5:00 pm.   

Kent School District will start accepting student transfer applications for the 2015-2016 school year on from February 2, 2015 until February 27, 2015. Interested parties can apply at the Student and Family Support Services office at the Administration Center, from 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Applications must be turned in by 5:00 p.m. on Friday February 27th.

Who can apply?

Students are expected to attend their boundary school, however if parents wish to request a transfer to another school in the district they may, based on the following conditions:

·         The student’s siblings are currently attending the requested school.

·         The student receives child care from a provider in the requested school’s service area and the provider does not transport to the student’s boundary school (Elementary Only).

·         The student has completed at least their first year of high school and wishes to remain at that school until graduation.

·         Student wants to enroll in a unique curricular program (i.e. ROTC or International Baccalaureate) that is available in another school in the district, but not available in the student’s resident school.

·         Students who have at least one parent who works for the district.

·         The student’s educational, safety or health condition would be or are being severely impacted at their boundary school and the transfer would improve the identified condition.

What if I live outside the district?

Students who live outside of the Kent School District may also apply for a transfer to our schools based on the above criteria. Non-Resident transfer requests must also receive a release from the district where they reside to be considered for placement in a Kent school. Non-Resident students must apply and receive a release every year per state law.

When will I be notified if my transfer request is accepted?

When an application is received by Student Services a timeline will be given to the parent/guardian. Every effort will be made to inform parents as early as possible if the request can be granted.

What if my child is already attending a school on a transfer?

If you are a resident of the Kent School District and your child is already attending a school on a transfer request you do not need to complete a new application to stay in this school.

If you are NOT a resident of the Kent School District a new Transfer Request must be completed every year during the annual transfer window (Feb. 2-27, 2015). You must also obtain a release from the district in which you reside each year.

If your child is attending on a Child Care waiver you must complete a new application each year.

For questions regarding student transfers please call Kathy Weyand at 253-373-7235. 
Completed forms can be emailed to or faxed to 253-373-7244
 New applications will only be accepted after 7:30 am on February 2, 2015.  Early submissions will be returned to applicant.

Resident Student Transfer-
A student who lives within the Kent School District boundaries and wants to attend a different school other than their boundary school needs to fill out the Resident Student Transfer Form below.  Once approved, the student is able to remain at the approved school until they have finished the final grade in that school.  No yearly renewal necessary.
Child Care Waiver-
The student's daycare provider does not transport to the student's boundary school.  (Elementary students only)  Yearly renewal required.
Non-Resident Student-
A student who lives outside the Kent School District Boundaries and prefers to attend Kent School District needs to fill out the Non-Resident Transfer Application below.  A district release from the student's resident district is required before approval.  Yearly renewal and district release required.

Employee Transfer Request-
A Kent School District Employee may request a transfer to his/her working school or its feeder school by completing the Employee Transfer Request below.  Only non-resident students need to renew yearly.

Change of address forms:

·        Accepted after the first day of school, students are allowed to stay in the current school for the duration of the school year based on space availability and good attendance. To stay the next year, parents must apply during the annual open transfer window.

Choice Transfer Request:

Students who live in the Kent School District and want to attend school in another district:

·         A student living in Kent School District may attend a different public school district if space is available in the requested district /school. A Choice Transfer Request must be completed. Choice Transfer Requests are available for submittal year round. For more information on transfers between districts, contact Student and Family Support Services at (253)373-7235