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Kent School District students use technology to learn new skills to prepare for their futures every day. Our classrooms are places where students are able to try new ways to learn important concepts and, more importantly, college and career skills. Students in the One-to-One Laptop Program have access to 21st Century learning anytime, from anywhere.
Kent School District’s annual Technology Expo showcases how students gain college and career skills through classroom projects using technology tools. At the event, students and teachers will demonstrate technology in use, speak about what they have learned, and ask attendees to get involved. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience Kent School District technology integration by solving a problem, completing a task, or building a device with student presenters.

This event also highlights local businesses and organizations that support the use of technology in education. These business sponsors and exhibitors help demonstrate the connection between classrooms and careers.
The next Kent Technology Expo will take place on January 21, 2016.

 Technology Expo


2015 Event Statistics

It was attended by 8,737 people, the largest number since its inception nine years ago.

We welcomed visitors from 12 different states and 140 countries from the National School Boards Association and the Microsoft in Education Global Forum.

There were 146 student-led and business-sponsored booths at this year's event.

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