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High Student Achievement

Each and every KSD student will be prepared for success in college, career, and community life.

Effective and Valuable Communication

KSD will use open and honest two-way communication. We will increase access to important information and deliver effective communication to all language groups.

Maximized Resources (Money, Time, People, and Facilities)

KSD will prioritize how we spend money to support district goals. We will use district resources efficiently and effectively while being transparent and responsible.

Safe, Sustainable, Healthy, and Respectful School Community

KSD will create and maintain a safe and welcoming school district where everyone is valued, respected, and included.

 Culture of Shared Responsibility

KSD will promote shared responsibility and accountability to accomplish district goals.

Highly Effective Staff

KSD will hire highly effective staff who represent the community and will respond to our changing needs.

Effective Partnerships with Families, Community, and Businesses

KSD will increase the number of community partnerships that have a strategic impact on our students, and strengthen relationships with families to support our children's success.

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