What is Farm to School?
Farm to School Programs connect farms with school cafeterias and classrooms. They take many forms and involve a variety of activities, but in essence, consist of Farm to School education and farm fresh produce distribution. A comprehensive Farm to School Program puts both elements together - fresh, locally-grown produce appears on the school menu, while students learn about local food and agriculture with the food served in the cafeteria or classroom.

"The more opportunities our children have to learn about the people, time, effort and resources necessary to turn a seed into a crop, the more they will appreciate the food on their plates."
- Hon. Jay Inslee
  • Highlighting locally produced foods in the cafeteria or in the classroom
  • Conducting taste tests of local produce
  • Hosting special event meals with local farmers or producers
  • Developing nutrition curriculum around school gardens and school meals
  • Coordinating field trips to farms or class visits by farmers in the area
If you are interested in being a part of our Farm to School program,
please click here or call NS Supervisor, Tom Ogg, at 253.373.7275

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