Risk Management

Welcome Kent School District Risk Management department. Risk management is responsible for all of the liability and property insurance needs, workers' compensation issues, ADA accommodations for employees, unemployment issues and safety programs throughout the school district.


Responsibilities of the Safety Team

  • Each site is responsible for establishing a committee and having safety meetings.
  • Each meeting will include a discussion of established safety topics.
  • Review safety and health inspection reports to correct safety hazards
  • Evaluate accident investigations to determine if causes can be corrected
  • Evaluate workplace accident prevention program
  • Document attendance
  • Document subjects discussed
All safety team meetings will be recorded, preserved and a copy submitted to Risk Management.
Meetings must:
  • Take place no less than monthly
  • Should not exceed one hour unless extended by a majority vote of team
Follow the instructions below for completing and submitting your safety team minutes.
  • Type your information directly on the form
  • Select Send from the File menu and choose E-mail
  • Send to Keith Klug and Stacey Jones
  • Print a copy for your records
Site Name: Kent School District
Site Alias: kent
Channel Name: Departments
Channel ID: 2
Section Name: Risk Management
Section ID: 18